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[Latest FIX] Error WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage

WMI Provider Host WmiPrvSE is a Windows Host Management Process that is utilized by the Developers for Monitoring Purposes. This conduct is generally observed in the Production Environment. After updating Windows 7 to 10, a large number of the clients have seen Error in CPU use, which makes the framework slack, get hot and moderate.

How to Fix the Error WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage

There are many reasons that may be the reason to cause the issue in your CPU, and we will see how to get rid of this problem in this discussion. To fix this issue, we will run some essential orders on order incite and restart the Windows Management Instrumentation Service.

How to Fix the Error WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage

How to Fix the Error WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage

Here are the best ways you can attempt to fix this issue. You should not have to attempt them all. Simply work your way out the list until you locate the one that works.

1. Boot into Safe Mode with Networking

Investigating in Safe Mode will better assist you with segregating and recognize the issues:

1. Boot into Safe Mode with Networking

1. Boot into Safe Mode with Networking

  • On your console, press the Windows key and R at same time; at that point, type msconfig in your search box and press Enter.
  • Go to the Boot tab; at that point, check the case for Safe boot, and select Network choice. Snap Apply and OK to spare.
  • Make sure that you have saved the documents and information; at that point, click Restart to enter Safe Mode.
  • When you go in Safe Mode, press the Windows key and X simultaneously; at that point, select Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • Then sort the including the order in and press Enter. You will see an alert window spring up. Snap Next to allow the investigation to run. In case that the troubleshooter recognizes some issue with your framework, at that point, follow the guidelines to get it fixed.
  • In PowerShell window, type in the following order and press Enter. You’ll see a Performance analyzer window spring up; simply click Next to proceed with the investigation.
  • All things considered, in case you see the warning showing to you that something should be changed in your system, you need to do as the framework instructs you to do.
  • When the investigating cycle completes, you have to boot into the typical temperament Rehash stage.
  • At that point, go to the Boot tab and void the option for Safe boot: Snap-on Apply and OK to save and exit. Restart your PC into normal mode.

2. Run Virus Scan

Sometimes, the offender is an infection or virus. You simply need to run your antivirus to get it fixed. In case you haven’t done it yet, you ought to do it at the present time.

In case that your PC recognizes any undesirable content or applications, eliminate them totally from your PC, and restart thereafter.

3. Uninstall Components and Drivers Causing the Problem

One of the causes is failed parts and the hardware drivers. You may need to uninstall them from your System:

3. Uninstall Components and Drivers Causing the Problem

3. Uninstall Components and Drivers Causing the Problem

  • On your console, press the Windows key and X simultaneously; at that point, select Event Viewer.
  • Click the View button on top and afterward Show Analytic and Debug Logs.
  • On the left sheet, follow the way: Applications and Service Logs and go to Microsoft, then select Windows and to WMI Activity > Operational log. Discount the most recent things recorded as Error.
  • On your console, press the Windows key and X simultaneously; at that point, select Task Manager.
  • Go to the Details tab. Discover the cycles with coordinating IDs as found in Event Viewer in the PID segment. At the point when you find such a cycle, you can uninstall the program or repair its services as you like.

It’s significant that you download and introduce drivers just from trustable sources.

There are two different ways you can Update and Install your drivers:

Manual driver update

  • You can refresh your drivers physically by heading off to the producer’s site for your gadget and looking for the latest right driver. Make certain to pick just drivers that are viable with your Windows form.

Programmed driver update

  • If you don’t have the opportunity, tolerance, or PC abilities to refresh your drivers physically, you can, rather, do it consequently with Driver Easy.

4. Driver Easy (Third Party App)

Driver Easy will naturally perceive your framework and locate the right drivers for your PC and your Windows rendition, and it will download and install them effectively:

4. Driver Easy (Third Party App)

4. Driver Easy (Third Party App)

  • Download and introduce Driver Easy.
  • Run Driver Easy and click Scan Now.
  • Driver Easy will, at that point, examine your PC and recognize any faulty drivers.
  • Snap Update All to naturally download and install the right form of the apparent multitude of drivers that are absent or outdated on your framework.
  • You need the Pro form of Driver Easy to do this, so you’ll be asked to update it.

Try not to stress; it accompanies a 30-day unconditional promise, so in case that you don’t care for it, you can get a full discount, no inquiries asked. Alternatively, in case you’re agreeable physically introducing the drivers, you can click ‘Update’ with the free form to consequently download the right driver. When it’s downloaded, you can physically introduce it.

5. Restart WMI Provider Host Service

Sometimes, the issue may be wiith WMI Provider Host Service involving a lot of your PC parts. You can restart it:

5. Restart WMI Provider Host Service

5. Restart WMI Provider Host Service

  • From your connected keyboard, press Windows logo and R simultaneously, at that point, type in the pursuit box services.msc and press Enter.
  • Press W key to quickly find Windows Management Instrument service. Right-click it and select Restart.
  • Now press Windows key and X simultaneously, select Command Prompt.

Note: If you’re using the Windows 10 Creators Update, you have to type cmd.exe in the bar and right-click the Command Prompt choice and select Run as administrator.

  • In the Command window, type in the accompanying orders and press Enter after each order.
  • Restart your PC after the orders.

6. Fix Corrupt Files

  • Download and run Restoro to output, fix and reestablish, degenerate and find missing documents, and afterward check whether the utilization by the cycle WmiPrvSE drops.

7. Restart Other Associated Services

  • When this is done, move over your mouse to the base left corner onto the Start Button and do a (Right-Click) on it. A Contextual menu will open; pick Command Prompt (Admin).
  • In the order brief window that opens up, type the following orders individually; after each order, presses the Enter key.
  • When done; Reboot your PC and check.
  • This ought to permit the cycle to drop fundamentally, and the CPU will have returned to its ordinary use.


In this discussion, we discussed how to fix WMI Provider host high CPU usage. There are different ways to fix this issue with a simple glimpse. We hope this info is helpful. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Would I be able to End Task WMI supplier have?

WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) represents Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. It’s a significant help that applications can’t run without. On the off chance that this cycle stops, a considerable lot of the highlights in your PC will get futile. On the head of everything, you probably won’t get mistake notices.

What is WmiPrvSE high CPU?

Wmiprvse.exe is a program that devours the CPU memory around 30%, and thusly, it straightforwardly influences the speed of your PC. It mostly happens when a client runs any application, then the framework gets moderate consequently. Here you will see that (WMI Provider Host) wmiprvse.exe CPU use is high and is over 30%.

Would I be able to Disable WmiPrvSE EXE?

Wmiprvse.exe is the executable record for the Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service that performs basic mistake revealing and checking capacities. By and large, you ought to never impair or stop the WMI cycle or administration.

What would you be able to do with WMI?

The enormous scope point of the framework is to solidify the administration of gadgets and applications across corporate systems. Thus WMI can be utilized to do the accompanying: Collecting data about the status of neighborhood or distant PC frameworks. Design security settings for distant machines and applications.

For what reason is my CPU use so high?

The reasons for high CPU use are wide going and sometimes amazing. More slow preparing paces could undoubtedly be the aftereffect of either the antivirus program you are running or an infection that the product was intended to stop. Attempt either checking with various antivirus devices or playing out a manual virus evacuation.

Is 100 CPU bad usage?

In the event that the CPU use is around 100%, this implies your PC is attempting to accomplish more work than it has the limit with respect to. This is generally OK, yet it implies that projects may hinder a bit. PCs will, in general, utilize near 100% of the CPU when they are doing computationally-concentrated things like running match-ups.