[Easy Method] How to See Deleted Reddit Posts?                   

Reddit is a Discussion source entryway for social news aggregation, and the web content rating for different uploaded. It is created by America. In this source, the registered members submit their contents on the website for voting from the other members. These contents may be links, images, or text posts.How to find Deleted posts from Reddit.

How to View Deleted Reddit Posts?

Because Reddit is a Discussion source, so it has thousands of users posting different comments and posts on daily basis that a normal user cannot notice if any of those posts or comments get deleted. There comes a thought in your mind that you may have missed something and you should have seen, but you don’t need to worry about that. There is a way by which you can see the deleted comments and posts without having any problem. There are few tricks and ways through which you can access the deleted threads and comments.

1. RemovedditRemoveddit

With removeddit, it is the easiest way to access the deleted posts or comments, all you have to do is replace the Reddit text from the URL with Removeddit. This will allow you to load a cached version of this website. Then the posts that were deleted by the admins will start to show up there in red color, and the posts deleted by the users will be shown in the blue color. This website also has a bookmark like option that will let you access the bookmarks tab for providing a quick access to the removed posts. When you spot a removed post on the Reddit, click the bookmark from removeddit, and that will load its archived version.


ReSavr automatically saves the deleted comments having more than 1000 characters. Because it is a general thought that the longer comments may have a chance of holding more useful information, so this resavr acts as an archive for these comments and save them even if they are deleted. It is basically made for comments, but it also saves the posts from where the comments may have been deleted. It has a simple and easy interface, and it also lets you see how many comments each post is having.

You need not read all the comments, resavr shows you short previews of the titles of each comment when you hover the cursor on it. In this way, you can scroll through the comments without opening them until you find the one that contains the info you need.

3. CedditCreddit

Ceddit is a third-party website with a great interface that allows you to quickly browse and navigate through the database of deleted comments. It is one of the most used methods for finding the deleted comments and posts from Reddit. Using ceddit, all of the deleted comments are recovered automatically, and then they are shown in threads that are highlighted with red color, so you can easily find what you needed.

If you want to find the deleted comments on a specific Reddit post, you can copy the URL of the post and remove the letter R from And replace it with the c to turn it into Then the page will load in the Ceddit interface, and you will be able to see all of the deleted comments highlighted in red. You can also browse for deleted comments in the same way you browse through the comments on Reddit. You look for posts that were highlighted in red, and then you will easily find out which comments were deleted in the very first place.

4. Wayback MachineWayback Machine

Wayback machine is a software app that saves the contents of all the deleted websites by taking screenshots of every page. It works for all the sites equally, not just only for Reddit. So you can easily view the deleted posts and comments like you were in the first place. To do this

First of all, you will need to copy the URL of the post that contains the deleted comments that you wanted to see. Then go to and then paste that URL into the search bar and then click on the “Browse History” button. The Wayback Machine will then provides you a calendar so you are able to find a version of that post even before when the comments were deleted. The Wayback machine takes screenshots of all websites, so finding any specific post or the comment won’t be an easy task to do so.

You will have to spend a lot of time searching for what you are looking for. The easiest way to do this process is that you find a screenshot made at some specific time. You can choose a day on which you are sure that the comments were still active on that day, and then you can review only the screenshots from that day. It may take some time still to find a specific comment.

5. Un-delete Reddit commentsUn-delete Reddit comments

You can get an extension for your chrome browser that is called Un-delete Reddit comments. You can use that extension that will help you backup all the comments from any specific post before someone will delete them. Because if someone deleted the comments already, you won’t are able to see those comments. But you can be active about the future posts and comments this way.

To use the extension, you have to open the Reddit post that you want to keep looking on, and you press the extension button from the top right corner. It will display a URL and a button saying Cache. Click on that button, and it will cache it for you.


In this discussion, we discussed how you could find deleted posts and comments from the Reddit through some alternative ways. There were five ways discussed. We hope this info was helpful; you can provide us with feedback In the comments below.

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1. How to see my archived posts from Reddit?

To see an archived post from Reddit, you can use removeddit. Removeddit has a bookmarklet, which you can drag easily to your bookmarks tab for quick access to the removed posts. Whenever you see a removed post, click on the bookmark, and it will automatically start loading the archived version of that post.