[Easy Method] How to Reset iphone to Factory Settings

Sometimes, you need to reset the phone or you feel like deleting everything and restoring it to normal condition. There is a reason to wipe your phone and reset it back to its original condition. We will guide you through easy ways to wipe clean your iphone and factory restore it.

Things to keep in mind

  • First, you need to back up your data from the iphone. How do you back up the data first?
  • Open the settings option
  • Tap your Apple existing ID and select iCloud
  • Scroll downwards and tap iCloud backup then select back up now
  • The process may start, and the backup may take some time, so be patient.

Methods to factory reset the iphone

Resetting iphone via settings

Before selling or getting your iphone repaired, you should always delete the data or back it up before. Make sure that data is backed-up to iTunes or icloud first.

Resetting iphone via settings

It is the direct and easiest way to restore the phone through settings. And more easy for those who have Apple ID and password, if you have backed up your iphone then it won’t ask for your id and password; otherwise, it may ask you to enter your credentials before you proceed. You need to follow these steps to easily reset the iphone back to factory settings

  • Open the settings
  • Tap on General
  • Select reset
  • Look for the option saying Erase all content and settings
  • Click ok to confirm the message
  • It will ask for your passcode or Apple id with password
  • Input the data and select, ok.
  • The phone will start to reset the data and remove every other extra data from its memory other than the factory-built settings.

Factory reset iphone via iTunes

Factory reset iphone via iTunes

iTunes is a media player and mobile device management utility that can work for media library and internet broadcaster as well as for clients as an app to store some info.

Iphone can be factory restored via iTunes. In case if you forgot your apple id and password, it won’t ask for id from you, so you are in good luck if you ever synced your phone. You can restore it by

  • Back up your phone first
  • Now connect your iphone to the computer, to which you synced with and launch the iTunes
  • Click the restore iphone option
  • If it asks you to confirm restore, press restores and then wait for it until the phone resets and starts as new.
  • It usually asks to turn off find my iphone. If it does, turn it off by pressing ok to proceed further
  • Tap on settings and tap the apple id
  • Go to iCloud
  • Locate and tap Find my iphone, and press find my iphone off
  • Now wait for a while until your phone cleans itself and starts back up as a new after a while
  • Factory resetting the iphone via icloud

It is also an easy method to clean the iphone and restore It to factory settings. This method can be operated remotely even when the phone is not in hand. iCloud is a cloud storage provided by Apple that stores and computes the saved data or id. So you can follow the instructions below if you want to reset iphone via icloud

  • Turn on your computer and go to icloud find
  • Enter the apple id and password to login into iCloud
  • There is a small question mark button at the corner browser after you log in, click on it.
  • Scroll down and click on find my iphone option
  • Select erase option
  • All of the data on your iphone will be deleted within minutes, and the phone is successfully cleaned after these steps.

These were the three most straightforward and quickest method to clean and restore an iphone. But there is another alternative solution also available to restore the phone to factory settings.

Alternative Hard resetting the iphone

Sometimes it may become necessary to reset the iphone just to fix a problem or remove bugs from it. Restarting or powering off the iphone never deletes a data. It just reboots back up.

How to reset iphone with Hard reset

How to reset iphone with Hard reset

The basic restart may solve many problems, but it can’t solve them all. The most powerful option in all of these methods is the hard reset. It is different for every variant of the iphone model, such as for iphone xs or XR or x and 8 series. To hard reset your iphone you can follow the instructions as

  • Click and release volume up button
  • Then click and release the volume down button
  • Press and keep a hold on the sleep button until the phone shows slide to power off the slide on the screen
  • Move that slide bar from left to right to hard reset the phone. It will wipe all the data on it as well.
  • Hard reset on old iphone models

When you hard reset a phone, it gives an option to wipe the data first manually and then restart the phone from the beginning. Or it lets you keep the data if you don’t want to delete it and restart the iphone. How do you do that:

  • Turn the screen towards you, and press the wake button and the home button at the same time
  • Keep holding the buttons until the power off slider appears, don’t release buttons yet
  • When the apple logo appears on the screen, release the wake button and home screen button together
  • Wait until the iphone resets
  • For iphone 7, hold the volume down button first and then sleep or wake button at the same time to hard reset it.


In this article, we see that how you can easily factory reset an iphone. We discussed three methods, such as reset from the settings, reset via iTunes, and reset via icloud. The alternative is hard reset as well. But for easy basic beginner procedure, you can follow the first three basic steps, which will help you to restore your iphone to factory settings.

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How to reset iphone without password?

When you reset an iphone from the settings or iTunes, It may ask you to enter the password that you have put on your phone to unlock it. But if you are resetting the iphone from icloud, it won’t ask you to enter the password. In this way, you can reset the iphone easily. Otherwise, you can remove the code first from your phone and then decide to reset it

How to Factory reset locked iphone?

Locked iPhones cannot be accessed without a user’s login credentials. To reset a locked iphone, you can install an application called dr fone. Which has all the basic solutions to the IOS problems? It has a screen unlock system which enables you to open a locked iphone. You can download this app on your computer and connect the phone with the computer and manually fix this issue through this app.

How to hard reset iPhones of different models?

Old iPhones usually follow the old classic hard reset function by pressing the home screen button and wake up button together until the slider appears on the screen, which lets you do the hard reset to the phone. The newer versions and models of the iPhones have upgraded software and hardware. Resetting them is a bit different. You have to press the volume up button, then volume down button, and then press and hold the wake screen button until it makes the slider appear on the screen and lets you hard reset the phone with just a simple slide in the end.