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Recycle Bin Corrupted? Repair it now!

Recycle bin is just like trash application in smartphones, it is the trash tray of windows for computer users where the deleted files are stored temporarily. Recycle bin allows the user to recover its deleted data, or the files which might have been removed by mistake can be recovered through the recycle bin. It stores those files or data for a short time before its deleted within a specific time; users can recycle their data before its long gone. This recycle bin function is provided into every window for pc from windows 95 onwards until now. 

How to repair Recycle bin when it is corrupted?

Some computer users face an error that recycles bin is corrupted, or do you want to recycle it? But that error cant is accessed, and you also cannot see the files that have been deleted due to this error. There are three fixes for the corrupt recycle bin error.

  1. By resetting the recycle bin folder, it is possible to repair the damaged recycle bin
  2. Windows explorer can also be used to repair corrupted recycle bin
  3. The final solution is to try reinstalling the recycle bin

Method 1 : Resetting your Recycle Bin folder

In windows, the user mostly experiences this error because there is a hidden protected system folder for each partition of the drive, which is $RECYCLE.BIN. There is a possibility that one of these folders is possibly corrupted.

The solution is to go into the search box of the window and type cmd and open the command prompt using Run as administrator option. Then a black screen appears type disk part in it and press return key. The command will execute and then type list volume, which will display a set of data and then type exit and press return. This method displays all the partitions on your system and their sizes. Then type 

Rd/s/q c:\$Recycle.bin

The c in the above command is the partition number, which we figured out from the last step used above. There can be more than one partitions such as partition C partition D etc. 

repair corrupted recycle bin

We run these commands one by one for each partition replacing only partition name such as

Rd/s/q D:\$Recycle.bin

Then restart the computer and see if the recycle bin is working or not.

Method 2 : Deleting Hidden Folder $Recycle.bin

Deleting Hidden Folder $Recycle bin

You can also fix this error by deleting the current hidden folder $Recycle.bin.

  1. Press the window button from the keyboard and then press E to open windows explorer
  2. Click on the view button on the top then, go into the options, change folder and search option
  3. Click on the view button from the popup window and make sure you un-tick the box of Hide protected os files. 
  4. Click yes on the warning window box and press ok
  5. Go to the partition which is having error and delete the $Recycle.bin folder. Do it for every partition one by one.
  6. Then restart the computer to see if the error is removed or not

Method 3 : Reinstall Recycle bin

The third step to fix this issue is to reinstall the recycle bin. And how do we do that? 

  1. Right-click on the desktop to open the drop menu and click on personalize option.
  2. Now select the theme and go into desktop icon settings.
  3. Checkmark the recycle bin option, then press the apply button and ok.
  4. Please restart the computer to make sure it is working.

Problems if recycle bin is not restored

It can be an excellent problem for the window users if they haven’t restored the recycle bin error or the access issue. Sometimes it happens that a person deletes an important file by mistake, which he wants back at the same moment or even later, but he won’t be able to access that file any longer because of the corrupt recycle bin. This would cost him a lot of time and loss of essential data.

Sometimes a user wants to recover something that has already been deleted and was in a recycle bin, and he wants to restore it for the use, he wouldn’t be able to recover that data from the bin as long as that issue isn’t resolved.

Advantages of having a recycle bin

A recycle bin is a beneficial application provided in windows which holds the data temporarily for some days in case the user changes his mind or wants to recover that data later on.

Recycle bin stores that data for sometimes as long as that temporary data is either permanently deleted from it or either fully recovered from it. Otherwise, it is coded to delete those temporary files after a certain amount of time automatically.

So, the recycle bin is an essential function of windows which can store data of gigabytes into small chunks of memory as temporary files and lots the empty locations of memory to the deleted data for some time. 

Unable to repair Recycle bin

If, in any case, there rises an issue of recycle bin not being fixed or restore the recycle bin back to the working state. Then it is time to use a good anti-virus which may search and look for harmful bugs and viruses in the computer, which are preventing the user from accessing the recycle bin.

The anti-virus would scan and clean all the essential data and anonymous third-party data, which will most likely create a chance to recycle bin to work. If that doesn’t work, then its time to simply change the window or repair it as a whole just to cover this mess before it creates a bigger problem for the user in the future. It can cause loss of important data without having any backup.

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1. What is the $recycle.bin folder?

A recycle bin consists of a particular set of folders for every partition of the hard drive that enables it to share the memory with every partition to delete or recycle the data easily. A hidden folder named $recycle.bin is part of recycle bin shared with every partition

2. How to fix corrupted recycle bin in windows 10? 

When a recycle bin is corrupted, it gives prompt messages saying unable to open the recycle bin, etc. Due to which user cannot access it either format it. These three easy methods are explained, which should fix the issue.

The first is to reset recycle bin properties to repair the error. The second method is the use of windows explorer to clear the recycle bin issue. And the third one is to try reinstalling the program again. 

3. Corrupt recycle bin on folder Redirection server 2012?

This error is an omission of a wizard from the setup of server 2012 essentials. It is not a bug, but it just causes interference with the recycle bin by displaying a prompt message like a recycle bin stopped working, unable to access the recycle bin, etc. 

We can simply solve this issue by locating the folder that contains the redirection shares in server 2012 r2. It may be in the server folder by default. Right-click on folder redirection and select properties, then go to the security tab where an advanced option is visible. Click on it and then select the change permissions button. Click the add button, then choose the principal as Creator owner and then press the allow button. Also, mark the tick box of applying to subfolders and file and access the full control in necessary permissions by marking it checked.

After you are done, try logging in again, and there shall be no issue anymore. Your problem is fixed without having to reinstall the application or reinstalling the windows. 

Final Words:

Recycle bin errors are caused mostly by bugs or threats involved from a third party into your system. Make sure you keep it safe and secure from unauthorized parties or persons who can access or view your data, which may cause ambiguities for you in the future without your knowledge.