Netflix – Last Man on Earth season 5

The last man on earth is TV Series that started from 1st March, 2015. The show was a big hit with its first season and it was initially broadcasted by Fox networks. It was a season that was a mixture of comedy and a suspense, in which the lead role was held by Will Forte.  In the season, he is named as Phil Miller, who is show as the last survivor of the global apocalypse.Netflix – Last Man on Earth season 5

The last man on earth lasted four seasons; after that, it was canceled by the Fox Network in May 2018. Due to this announcement, many of the series followers were heartbroken with the news of cancellation. This show went down gradually with time to time according to the average view rate and the dates around the globe; the ratings started to decrease. Everything in the show was simply considered outstanding such as the writing, directing, single-camera editing. The lead actor and actress won their awards. The show was a big hit initially, and it was awarded as the best critic’s choice television award for best actor in comedy series.

This show’s script was written by a great writer and it was brilliantly held up by the actors and the high-powered cast, along with the running jokes, call-backs to the previous episodes, and it had extremely original plotlines. Although by the end of the show’s story, there were only 2 million left of them, they were the one who was strongly committed to the show.

Storyline and Reason of NOT returning to Season 5Storyline and Reason of NOT returning to Season 5

The story of this tv series starts from the end of the world. In the start, the viewers are flashbacked with the past events and history about what happened during the apocalypse and about the virus and every lit bit of the things that went down and leading to the last man on earth.

In the story, Forte is traveling around a vacant United States area, searching for other survivors of the apocalypse. In a well-understood plan, Phil leaves huge signs all over the US reading before returning to his home area to wait for the arrival of others. But the others do not come at first, and Phil gets uncomfortable that what is going on. He moves into a mansion, arranges works of art from the local museums to hang them in his palace, and in the meantime, he indulges himself in pointless activities that a person does on their own when he has nothing better than to do.

As Phil fails to entertain himself, he becomes depressed and gets negatively affected by mental condition. He decides to commit suicide, but just when he is about to do so, he spots some smoke in the distance nearby, and he realizes that another survivor has seen one of his signs that he left and traveled to Tucson to find him. After rejoining, the pair decides to repopulate the Earth, though Carol insists that Phil should marry her so that they can have children.

Over the next three seasons, the cast tends to expand, and the title of the show starts to become inaccurate as the group starts to find more and more numbers of survivors and moves around the country for different plot-driven scenes. During the story, they marry and also get divorced, they have children, and they suffer losses and setbacks as plot twists. At the end of season 4, it became the series finale after the sudden cancellation of this series; the group discovers another group of surviving hostiles on a beach in Mexico.

Unfortunately, the original group of survivors was immune to the Virus, and thus, they had survived in the first place, but they were still carrying on with it, and the people from the new group would quickly become infected and die due to Virus. This was the planned 5th season arc, according to Forte. But Fox did not give a chance to Forte to realize the ending of this dark series. The show was canceled just after the cliffhanger ending of its season 4.

How is Netflix involved?How is Netflix involved.

Over the past few years, a lot of TV shows were canceled by their original networks such as the zoo, how to get away with murder and many more, but they were later saved by the streaming websites such as Amazon or Netflix. However, the end of any show on one network doesn’t mean that the show is finally over and came to its final destination. The Last Man on Earth also received the same streaming service treatment. Netflix is currently at the top of streaming services, so it would make sense that Netflix may pick up the show given because have plenty of resources to handle the production cost. But, Netflix already has its own shows with huge fan bases and budgets with a whole bunch of movies in its production already.

It was announced in 2018 that Hulu might pick up “The Last Man on Earth,” but only for a short final season. But this rumor proved to be wrong, and the show remains an orphan. Most of the shows picked up by streaming sites went on to have a successful continuation of their lives. For example, Yahoo’s attempt at reviving the “Community” received plenty of criticism because the major cast was changed, and scripts were changed too.


In this discussion we discussed a tv show that tends to be one of the most exciting shows initially when it was released worldwide, but with the time that show went on towards failure and lost a lot of its fan following because the storyline was beginning to change and the show name wasn’t familiar with the story anymore. People lost their interest, and the show flopped, which was never renewed by any streaming services until now.

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1. What is the Virus in the Last man on earth season?

The Virus in this show is a highly contagious and very deadly disease that spread and wiped out most of the humans and left for a handful of survivors. There was no known origin told about the Virus in the story, and it seemed to affect all the animals, including the humans as well as insects. The first symptom of this Virus is tiredness. Then dead bodies are left after the Virus spread.