Mips Assembly Language Syntax

Mips Syntax is pretty similar to x86 and Arm syntax. Below is the basic syntax of MIPS instruction set:

.data  #Declare or initialize variables
#Here main program goes (Instructions)
#End instruction to terminate the program

.Data Section

In data section variables are declared or initialize. See example below:

msg1: .asciiz  “Enter a value:\n“
msg2: .asciiz  “Sum of value and 100:\n”

In the above example msg1 and msg2 are the two variables initialized with sting data.

.Text Section

Text section include our main code. See example below:

li $v0,4    # prompt user (print string)
la $a0,msg1    # indicate the message!
li $v0,5    # read integer, X
addi $s0,$v0,100    # $s0 = X + 100
li $v0,4   # output message
la $a0,msg2    # indicate the message!
li $v0,1   # print integer!
move $a0,$s0   # value to print!
li $v0,10   # exit program!

Hope you understood the basic Syntax! If there any question let us know in the comment box.

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