[FIX] Mac OS Could Not be Installed on Your Computer System

Mac operating system is specially designed for Apple’s computers. That is the Macintosh line of personal computers. Its latest version is Mac OS X. it has the 3D appearance of a desktop interface and characteristics. It easily runs Unix applications as well as old Mac applications too.


Why Mac OS Could Not be Installed on Your Computer System Pops Up

This error usually occurs when you are reinstalling your mac OS or sometimes while installing updates. It also occurs even when you just on your Mac. It may be due to a path missing or some other reason. The error may be due to the source path /System/Installation/Packages/OSinstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. Or storage system verification or repair failed, etc.

Mac OS Could Not be Installed on Your Computer System

But you don’t have to worry, and these errors can be fixed easily, follow these steps:

  • Check date and time are set as Automatically

If mac is having a problem to be installed on your system, it may be due to the wrong time and date on your mac. You need to adjust this setting by following this method

  • First, you shut down your Mac and then reboot it back up.
  • Go to the desktop and click the system preferences icon
  • Click on date and time option
  • Check if the clock and the date matches your current time zone or not
  • If it doesn’t match, click on the lock icon to enable it to make changes and then set the time and date
  • Tick on a Set date and time automatically option, then you should try to reinstall the mac os or install the updates again.
  • Reset your Mac’s NVRAM

Non-volatile random access memory is a small amount of memory that a Mac uses to store settings like startup disk selection, time zone, display resolution, and so on, and it can access them quickly. If the startup settings stored in NVRAM is wrong, you might get the macOS could not be installed on your computer error. If this is the situation, you can try to reset your Mac’s NVRAM to solve the problem. Follow these steps:

  • Turn off your Mac computer first, and then reboot it. When the mac starts, immediately press and hold these keys together, option, command, p, and r for about 20 seconds.
  • When your Mac is done starting up, you can go to System Preferences to adjust any setting that was reset, like startup disk selection, display resolution, or time zone.
  • Then you can try to reinstall macOS or install the updates again.

Restore from the time machine backup

If your mac os gets stuck in error saying mac os could not be installed on your computer, you can boot your Mac into recovery mode to restore from time machine

  • Again shut down your mac and turn it back on.
  • After it turns on, immediately press the command key and R key together
  • When you see the Apple logo, release the button
  • Then your Mac will boot into Mac OS utilities. Select the languages and click on the continue button
  • Select restore from time machine backup and then press continue
  • In the next screen, select the time machine backups
  • Click on the most recent backups and proceed
  • Wait for the restore of backup to be completed and check if the error still exists or not

Run disk utility First Aid in safe mode

When there is an error occurring in your Mac’s volume, you might also receive this error. You can follow this method to run the Disk Utility to check for the errors and repair the volume if it is necessary.

  • Shut down the mac, hold down the power button to turn on your Mac. Immediately, press the Shift key, and your Mac will then automatically boot up into Safe Mode.
  • Log In to the system by using your credentials, and you will be able to see the screen displaying with safe boot characters
    On the home screen of Mac desktop, click on the go and then select the utility option
  • Double click on the disk utility
  • Click first Aid and then run to start to check the number of errors
  • Choose your main HDD as volume to be repaired if you not even only one volume on your Mac.
  • And if you see a prompt message saying First Aid needs to temporarily lock the boot volume, click continue
  • First Aid tool will then check the volume of errors and repair the volumes if necessary.

Once the repair has completed, rerun the macOS update program or the reinstall process and see if you get out of the error message. If you tried the solution and it still doesn’t give a solution. Move to next step

Free up some storage on your mac

This error may also happen if there is not enough storage available on your mac, so you need to free up some space first. Some easy tips to free up the storage are.:

  • Delete those files that are no longer needed, and you can either move those files to trash or delete them permanently. Most of the junk files are stored in the download folder
  • Move your extra files to an external drive
  • A third party app or tool can be used to clean up the Mac, which will help you to clean or erase unwanted on unnecessary files and most of the cache and cookies as well.

Alternate Solutions

If in case, all of the above solutions fail to fix your problem, then we recommend you to use CleanMyMac X app. This is a powerful cleaner tool, and it can easily scan your device to see what’s wrong with it and provides you a solution as well. There may be a possibility that the launch agents or daemons, etc. must be interfering with the system. You can solve this problem by:

  • Download and install the CleanMyMac X
  • Choose the optimization option from the side menu bar
  • Click on view all items
  • Check the box right next to launch agents
  • And press run, it will optimize the launch agents and apps. This should fix your error


Mac operating system is specifically designed for Apple computers. It has its own built-in functions for taking care of its platform. If the error occurs, saying OS could not be installed on your computer system, it is because of the reasons that we discussed above, and you can easily find a solution to that by following the instructions that we provided you in the above section. If those don’t work for you then a third party tool may help you in this matter.

Still have any confusion? you can reach us, using contact us form, or you can also check the below-mentioned questions.

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Cannot quit the installer on mac, it won’t allow me to do anything else. Why?

Your operating system can be hung if any browser is open and there is a script running that is trying to quit the browsers. You can quit using two options. The one is that you use Command Option ESC, it will force quit the window then select the installer and quick. The other option that you can go for is open activity monitor in apps and utilities and go to the top portion to find the installer and then press on the red icon to quit the process. Click on force quit option

I want to update my Mac OS because the old version is causing too much trouble, what is it and how to update?

The latest version of Apple’s newest operating system is Mac OS 10.15, also known as Mac OS Catalina. You can easily update your Mac if you turn on your automatic updates from the settings of your Mac, or you can go to the Mac App Store and download the latest update. The download is more than six gb of data, but you should back up your data before downloading the new update.

My mac is not installing any updates. It doesn’t allow the OS to be installed on the computer system, why?

Go to settings of your mac and check if the automatic updates are turned off or on, If they are off, turn them on and then check for updates. If the updates are already set to on, and still it doesn’t solve the problem of the update, you can use a third-party app to clean the malware and unnecessary files that may be messing with your mac. Otherwise, there might be something wrong with your OS, and you would need to re-download and install it from the Mac store.