Inspire Writing Software Review

If you love typing and writing a lot, you always wish for a perfect writing app. Ulysses is a great application that has a pleasant working environment for the writing experience. It is for all types of users and is currently designed for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It is not available on the Windows operating system.
But for windows, the good news for the users is that a similar app to Ulysses is the Inspire. It has the same writing skill walkthrough guides and easy to use interface. In this guide, we are going to talk about Inspire, which is best for windows for writing.


Environment of Inspire

It may be a writing tool, but that’s not just it. It has a beautiful writing environment as well. When you are writing something, you don’t like distractions because that might affect your work and makes your writing slow and might frustrate you too. Sometimes you use writing apps, but their UI design is not welcoming you at all, and you find It unpleasant to work in it. Inspire overcomes all these drawbacks
It is a distraction-free text editor who has no more complex menu. It only includes texts and texts. It also supports full-screen mode by hiding the left two panels. Full-screen writing draws all the attention and focuses on writing only and nothing else. This would make you addict back to your writing with the elegant and pure writing environment from Inspire. All you have to do is write, write, and write.

Environment of Inspire

Writing in Inspire

Inspire uses a dynamic web language known as markup. It enables you to format your text like changing headings and titles, bold texts, etc. It is not a difficult language to learn. It is pretty easy to memorize and learn this language. Each format that we apply is set through some special characters, like for h2 title you just put ## before a text.
You don’t have to lift your fingers off the keyboard, all you have to do it write. You can quickly learn about all the standard markup language through markup section in the gray icon

All around the export function

A great advantage of working in Inspire is that when you are writing something, it keeps saving the text automatically. This means that you don’t have to worry about anything, just in case if you forget to save the document. Or if the power goes out during your unsaved work when you will start it back. It will start from where you left the last text document.
The created document can be exported in any format that you want it to be, such as PDF, text, DOCX, or HTML. Inspire can also be used to publish your work or copy and save it as a draft on WordPress. That’s what most of the writers do these days, type on inspire, and publish the content on the WordPress dashboard of different suitable websites.

No more folders

Having a problem with looking at your lost file among many in your folders? No need to worry. Inspire lets you see and view all the files that you created in one view from its library. You can reselect any file which you couldn’t find from your folders.
If you want to organize your files to some order and degree, can help you in that too. It lets you create new groups, and then you can write your own stories in the group in which you want your files to be saved.
What else might concern you
Inspire is a paid app, and it charges you for its functions. You can try it for free for ten days and see whether you like it or not and feel comfortable to use it or not. Once you get comfortable, you can choose to buy it in the full version, which will cost you $29.99.

Features of Inspire

It is a distraction-free environment that boosts your productivity. You can quickly write quick notes, great novels, blogs, and contents, etc. it has the following advantages

  1. Clean interface
  2.  Full-screen mode
  3. Dark theme mode
  4. Typewriter mode
  5. Markup based text editing and syntax highlighting
  6. Tables, footnotes support
  7. Free lifetime updates
  8. Keyboard navigation

Features of Inspire

And some flexible support may include typography, multi-format exports, which lets the writing better everywhere. Exporting the writings in different formats and publishing its content on WordPress and also some live-updating previews, it is one in all software.
Its library holds everything that you write, having a well-organized group of hierarchy. The documents written in it can be reaccessed by going through its library file view, where all documents are arranged accordingly to your previous work done. It can process multiple sheets at a time with merge and split sheet options and tags support. Image attachments and sheet passwords are also a function available in Inspire.

Real-time cloud sync

It has instant auto-save and real-time cloud sync that makes your writing pleasant and elegant. During working on it, it keeps saving every text that you are writing in your document, and if you have sync it with cloud storage as well, it will store the copy of data there too. Autosave and auto-backup are great features. Cloud syncing can be done across multiple PC’s.

Real-time cloud sync


We have discussed that Ulysses is an excellent writing and typing application for mac and iphone users. But for windows, inspire gets the credit because it has all the necessities a writer wants for him to be available in a single place. It has a simple, clean text environment with full-screen mode as well that lets a user stay more focused on his work other than distractions. It has theme modes such as simple mode and dark theme mode, which enables a user to work more efficiently, especially during the night time. Dark theme mode reduces lighting and changes the graphic interface, which supports the user eye’s view and comfort. It provides libraries and autosave for your text data and also a synced cloud that can store data even at remote places. And it comes in the free trial for some days. Then you have to buy it to get the maximum advantage from it. It is for Windows users and has the best writing environment available in today’s current world cycle.

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  1. Can I get Ulysses to work on windows instead of Inspire?

    The answer is no because each operating system has its own designed software which has its compatibility with their hardware and software. Ulysses is currently designed for mac users and iphone and ipad users. It cannot be used on Windows operating system. For windows, you can use the Inspire writing tool.

  2. From where can I download inspiration for windows?

    You can download inspiring from different websites over the web just by searching on google. You can get links to all those websites. It usually gives a trial version to download. A full version is only available with paid credentials. Inspire writer website provides you the download, download cnet, Softpedia, and Softonic also has inspired different versions to be downloaded. You can check your desired version and download it from one of these websites

  3. What are other apps for writing, other than inspire? Why choose inspire?

    There are several apps for writing content, such as ProWriting Aid, Grammarly, Freemind, focusWriter, etc. All these apps are used for writing purposes, but the advantage of using Inspire is that it is a downloaded software that saves your work along with your typing. It keeps the grammar library arranged. In easy words, it is straightforward and easy to be used by users who are new to writing. Its paid version is less than all the other tools available online for writing.