FunimationNow Premium and Free Version

There’s something very magnetic about animated visuals. Perhaps it is the bright colors, intriguing characters, fantastical plots. However, the most animated movies or cartoons cater to kids with the expectation of a few double entendres that can only understand by adults. Anime, moreover, combines components of animation and adult-centric themes, appealing to both younger and older audience.

Originating in the japan, way back in the 1900s the anime industry developed quickly and dispute acquire traction in the west. Speaking of progress, the manufacturing of video media was also continual. From VHS to VCDto DVD to blue ray, it has surely come a long way. While the television and film industry had already taken to the digital world, ane distributors have also acquired the latest technologies to grant easy access to anime buffs across the globs.

So guys in this article we discuss FUNimation. Read this article till the end. If you like this article, then write your wrist reviews in the comments section.

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Early History of FunimationNow

The Company was founded in the year of 1994  on June 14 by Japenese-born businessmen Gen Fukunaga. Fukunaga’s uncle Nagafumi Hori is working as a producer dor Toe Company, Hori approached Gen about licensing Dragon ball to the United States. He suggests that if Fukunaga starts a production company and raise enough money. Toe animation would license the rights to the franchise. Fukunaga met with the co-worker Daniel Cocanougher. Daniel Cocanougher family owned a feed mill in Texas decorator and satisfied Coucanogers family to sell their business and work as an investor for his company. The company was formed in silicon valley, California as FunimationNow productions in 1994 but eventually carry to Flower mound, Texas, find near Fort Worth.

The free and Paid version of FunimationNow

Free Version of Funimation:

As the name suggests, users have permission to stream limited titles (some are available in HD). This process offers a single stream with ads showing up quite frequently. It is still the best option to select.

There are two payment schemes for the paid version. Subscribers could either opt for a monthly priced at $5.99 or go for the annual priced at $59.99, saving scarcely bucks. This version offers unlimited content streaming without any ads along with two simultaneous streams. Users can also get prompt access to Home Video Duns and seasonal Broadcasts Dubs.

What you can do on FUNimationnow

In terms of content, Funimation now will be compared to NetFlix in that both the services mostly offers popular titles, classics, and in house productions as opposed to the latest theatrical releases or niche content. FunimationNow has a fairly huge range of anime selection, covering a slew of genres like Horror, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance, and psychological.

As of today, FunationNow library flourishes more than 300 Titles second only to Crunchyroll. This unbelievable given that it has only been a year since the launch.

Thanks to Funimationnow’s partnership with Crunchyroll, Users can now get access to the up to dated Japenese simulcasts dubbed in English just a few weeks after being aired officially. One more advantage for users that they can find these titles under the “SimulDubs” category. The majority of the other programs and shows are dubbed in English saving the attention required to read subtitles. There are few series of shows and programs that are available in both, dubbed and subbed version. Funimationnow’s deal with Crunchyroll facilitated the distribution of selected titles from the latter’s library.

FunimationNow is one of the popular webs for featuring well-curated after school programs and classics hit like Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, Alchemist, Fullmetal, One Piece, and Yu Yu Hakusho. The most-watched SimulDubs include Monster hunter stories ride on, Attack on titan, Clockwork Planet, and The silver guardian.

Aside from Streaming ane series, FunimatiinNow also has a game section, blog section, and an online store where anime fans can easily purchase trendy figurines, merchandise, and physical box sets/Blu ray discs popular shows.

Compatible Devices

FunimationNow is accessible to users in the selection of countries including New Zealand,  Australia, Canada, UK, and the US. Users can download the app across a huge range of devices such as iOS, and Android phones/tablets, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows phone, Chromecast. Alternatively, Users can stream on their website using your computer or laptop.

User Interface

We loved the interface owing to extremely smooth page navigation, easy browsing, lack of buffering issues, video quality is HD and the best comments section. Users can switch subtitles and change the audio channel between English and Japanese. FunimationNow app is complicated and glitch-filled as compared to the website against Crunchyroll FUNimation app is slightly slower.

On the home page, you find tabs including “What’s New”, “Shows”, “Discover”, and “Shop” with a search bar located to your right-hand side. Subscribers can filter shows as per genres, popularity, and categories like “SimulDubs” “Recommended” and “New Releases”. When you scroll down you find the programs and shows are neatly arranged in a slide format with clear thumbnails, when you move your mouse over the thumbnail it will display information such as plot preview, rating, and it is available in English and Japanese. You either click on the thumbnail click play and begin for watching or click the add to queue button for watching it later.


Free Trial Period of FunimationNow

You can start your 14 Day free trial period. Stream Funimation’s complete library of movies and anime shows anytime, anywhere for only $5.99 a month or $59.99 per year.

Is Funimation or Crunchyroll better?

The good news for you is that it seems both sites will get more anime. The less good news is that Funimation will be transitioning yo a dubs only service and Crunchyroll only offers subtitled videos. I think that these sites are going to do much better than the other.

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Is Funimation is Free on Ps4?

The Funimation Streaming services app is available for Ps4! This free app lets you enjoy the latest and the best Funimation dubbed and subbed movies and anime shows on your Ps4.