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MIPS Instruction Set Formats: R I J with Tables

MIPS Instruction Formats are sometimes called MIPS instruction encoding formats. Instruction encoding means the MIPS instruction are translated into binary numbers and then bring back to original format for human understanding(decoding). Encoding should be done in a way that decoding is easy. MIPS ISA has a 32-bit fixed instruction encoding. MIPS instruction formats include: I-Format […]

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MIPS Instruction Set: Opcodes Reference Sheet

MIPS Stands for Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages. MIPS instruction set is a Reduced Instruction Set Computer ISA(Instruction Set Architecture). Mips instruction set has a variety of operational code AKA opcodes. These opcodes are used to perform different types of task such as addition, subtraction, multiplication of signed or unsigned numbers. As MIPS instruction set has a complete reference […]

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