Camtasia: Best Screen Recorder Video Editor You Should Try!

If you are a creative person, then you must be creating video content. Then you need to edit the videos. That’s where all the problems appear. You need to edit the crappy parts and add some effects to make your video professional. Sometimes you hire a professional, which also costs money.

Today, we will tell you about Camtasia, which can be a good tool for you if you are in the video production field. We will tell you all. So, you must pay attention and keep reading further. It will be a quality read.

Why Camtasia is superior?

We will show you the exact reasons, which will include why Camtasia is superior to other tools.

It can record multiple audio and video

As you know, Camtasia edits as well as records. The functionality that makes it superior is its ability to import multiple videos and soundtracks at on time. You can also combine videos with soundtracks. Moreover, you can record your sound on it. But the quality of your soundtrack will depend upon the quality of the recording device. That’s why we suggest you, use a better microphone. It will give you a professional advantage to have noiseless soundtracks.

It is convenient to embed animations such as callouts and scrolling text

Callouts is a great feature that draws the attention of viewers. You can put the viewer’s focus on a specific point where you want it. And scrolling text is a great feature to embed information into the video like a news bar rolling in the video.

You can find a callout feature when you click on the “Annotation” icon.

The green screen effect is present in the tool, which makes you appear as part of the action

The green screen effect is an amazing feature that makes your video more in-spot. If your r videos are lacking action, then you can use the effect to make the video dazzling and lively. This way, you can put your video a step forward in video production levels. There is also a blue screen effect, which is rather one in its kind video effect.

The free version also allows editing and file transfer

The free version covers basic functions and features that include editing and file transfer. You can use the paid version for more advanced features. But to remind you, the free version videos will contain a logo print. That’s why you cannot use them for commercial purposes. If you want to use videos for commercial purposes, then you must buy the paid version. It would be a good deal for you.

Other features of Camtasia

We have mentioned the best qualities of Camtasia. Now, we will show you the other fantastic features.

Automatic audio leveling

You can add many numbers of audio tracks to a video. And this tool will give you consistent audio quality. It automatically adjusts the audio level. You do not need to adjust the audio intensity on ever video or on ever track. That’s why your work becomes simpler, convenient, and faster.

Mouse cursor smoothing

It happens that too much mouse cursor speed hurdles you from meticulous editing. Sometimes you do not get what you want. That’s why mouse cursor smoothing is present in the tool. By using this feature, you can turn your cursor into a smooth pointer that you can use with full control.

Editable keyboard shortcuts

Camtasia has keyboard shortcuts that enable you to customize your keyboard according to your needs and workflow. Due to this, you can speed up your editing by using shortcuts, which will save you time and effort.

Support for themes logos and images

You can add images to the videos and you can add logos to the videos. This way you can turn your video project into a full branded video. Moreover, you can download custom themes for the video and add it to the tool. Consequently, your option will be greater if you use Camtasia.


Camtasia is not limited to only English. You can use the tool in French, German, and Japanese.

Other features

The following are some mentionable features.

  • You can add new frames.
  • You can add a new whip spin transition.
  • You can block text style.
  • You can import PDF files.

How much Camtasia costs?

If you have a commercial venture, then you must buy Camtasia because it offers more features in less price. There are four categories of Camtasia, which have different prices. You will be charged from $206 to $239. We think that it is not a big price if you want to produce videos commercially. If you use the free version, then there will always be a watermark. We recommend Camtasia from all levels of videos on the internet.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is Camtasia a onetime purchase?

Ans: Yes, Camtasia is a one-time purchase. The version will be at your disposal. You can use it either on Windows or Mac. Camtasia does not limit you to a single operating system. Moreover, all the updates will be free. If you have Camtasia 9, then you will get the updated version free of cost.

Q2: How long can you record with Camtasia trial?

Ans: The maximum limit to record a video on a free trial is two hours. But we recommend you to record only short videos. It’s because large files will make your performance slow. That’s why it will take a longer time to edit a large file.

Q3: Is Camtasia a virus?

Ans: Camtasia is not a virus. Some versions will give you viruses if you download it from infected sources. But if you download it from a link from Google, then there will be no virus.

Q4: How do I add a logo in Camtasia Studio?

Ans: You must follow the steps.

  • Click Share in the top right-hand corner.
  • Select Local File > Custom Production Settings.
  • Click Next.
  • Select MP4 – Smart Player (HTML 5).
  • Click Next twice.
  • Select Include Watermark under Watermark.
  • Click Options to customize the watermark and image.