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How to Call India From the USA: Free & Paid Methods

Are you living in the USA, you are probably searching for the best ways to call India from the USA. The whole article below will guide you about the most natural ways by which you can make reasonable calls to your loved ones in India from the USA.

Calling your loved ones in India can be expensive. Indians living in the USA are always searching for ways to call in their respective countries at cheap rates. There are many people from every nation who are in the USA for studies. Most of them are wasting their time on landlines. They are no aware of the modern alternatives to calling their families in India.

What are the best ways to call India from the USA at reasonable prices?

Enjoy cheap calls now!

If you are also looking for ways to call freely in their countries, the whole article below will guide you about some best ways to call India from the USA.

Charges for calls from the USA to India

Usually, calls from abroad to Asian countries charge too much. That is why many websites are offering several packages that seem reasonable to many users. When someone calls, he pays all the payment for the call, but when you are using 800 services, they will pay for you.

So many users are in search of toll-free calls. The callers get a lot of benefits from toll-free numbers. Many companies are offering traditional toll-free numbers to their users so that they can call freely. In this way, the total payment is dependent on such companies.

Some telephone numbers are provided to many users. If you are also searching for some websites that can give you a toll-free number, stay tuned for the best options!

Best ways to call India from the USA

Searching for a reliable and reasonable platform to make calls from abroad to India is quite frustrating. But we are here with the best options to help you cope with the situation in the best way. No doubt, many options are available in the market such as India calling card, but they are not affordable for all users.

Let’s look at some alternatives that will provide you the best ways to call India from the USA.

1: GOOGLE VOICE: Cheap Calls

Google has made everything at the hand of man. Google voice is of no exception to the facilities provided by Google. If you are searching for an online service, it will be the best option for you. You will find reasonable and cheap rates to call in India for hours. You will get amazed after knowing that this platform’s price per minute is only 2 cents. Thus everyone can easily afford it.


Best way to call India!

All you have to do is explore the Google Voice website and enter the number you have to call. You will be able to make a call by attaching a VOIP adapter or a cordless phone.

2: VONAGE: Paid Method

If you are searching for the platforms utilizing VOIP technology, then there is no better choice for you than this platform. This website is offering its users to buy the Vonage adapter. The same site as it needs Vonage technology. What if you are not from India? There is nothing to worry about; you will benefit from calling in 50 different countries by using this platform.


Call now!

Indian users are enjoying the utmost level as it offers them to make calls for an unlimited time. The prize for calls is too reasonable. You have to pay only $29 for the whole month and enjoy unlimited calls. If you are wondering about calling India 2 to 3 times a week, it will assist you in the best way.

3: KEKU: Paid Affordable Calls


When you are an android user, it is challenging to cope with VOIP technology. Thus here comes the solution. You will get a local number by which you can quickly call anywhere in India without any problem. Your call with be automatically transferred to the international number. It is offering only 10 dollars for about 1000 minutes. So what you want more? This is going to be the best option for you.

4: SKYPE: Free Calls From USA to India

You all are aware of this mobile and computer app. You can use this software to make video calls with your loved ones. Thus, it is one of the best alternatives to call India without spending a single penny. By subscribing to the paid option, you will benefit from calling the landline numbers very quickly. It offers two options, one is to pay right after you make calls, and the other is a monthly subscription system.

5: International Calling Cards

Buying a calling card is way cheaper than prepaid SIM calling options. By using a SIM, you can talk only for a few minutes. But when you are using an international calling card, you have to only once. After that, you will get an offer to make unlimited calls. A calling card will provide you a local pin or any access number. All you have to do is to dial that number and enjoy unlimited calls.

Besides local numbers, you can also enter international numbers. Many local phone companies are offering calling cards, which are quite cheaper than prepaid SIM calling.

6: VIBER: Free


You all may have used the best calling app called VIBER. Not only names, but you can also send messages and voice notes to your loved ones living in India or any other country. You don’t have to pay money as it needs only an internet connection. If you have 3G availability, you will enjoy calls with high quality in every country, even for hours.


Almost everyone in the world is well aware of this popular software. If you have installed it on your mobile phone, there is no need to buy a calling card in the USA. With a speedy internet connection, you can make calls anytime and anywhere.

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Can you call India from the USA for free?

There are many options by which you can call your friends and families in India without spending a single penny. These options include WhatsApp, Skype, International calling cards, and much more.

How can you call for free though SIM card?

You can call for free by using a US call code 011. After dialing it dials the Indian code number, which is 91. After doing this, dial the toll-free number, which will help you to make free calls.


Technology has made everything easy for us. All the ways mentioned above has resolved the problem of calling India from the USA. Thus you can choose any method and enjoy long calls.