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11 Best Transcribing Softwares Free Download [Audio to Text]

Have you ever tried to convert audio into written text? If yes, then here are some best transcribing software in this article below. The world is getting developed with each passing day. Technology is changing the world into a global village. Presently, there are many universities, educational institutions, and companies that are well aware of audio-to-text transcription.

Best transcribing software for converting audio or video into texts!

Convert your voice into words!

Many of us are wondering about having a record of conversations, and many other officials’ talks to have a career. This whole process is only possible with the help of transcribing software. If you are cursing yourself for not being able to speak fluently, then the entire article below will guide you to some best transcribing software. Due to the advent of modern technology, audio is now available in the form of texts with the help of specific transcribing software.

Best transcribing software

1. Inqscribe: Free Transcription Software for Windows and Mac

It is one of the most appropriate transcribing tools that are available in the downloadable form. You can use it entirely free. It allows most of its users to convert the audio or video into texts using a single window. There are many shortcuts for the keyboard. You can use them according to your convenience.

Moreover, snippets are also present when you are using Inqscribe. Many users can avail of the opportunity to insert any frequent expressions. It will make your transcript more effective. There is also an option to add time codes anywhere you want. You can also close the captions while converting the video if you are pro in it.

2. The ftw Transcriber: For Professionals

It is one of the best transcribing software which is available for professionals. Many users have access to download it with the availability of audio playback with the highest quality. It will make your context more smooth and understandable. You can easily accessible for many audio and video files by featuring automatic timestamps.

The FTW Transcriber

The best transcriber!

When you download it to your device, there will be a visible pop sign. You can move it anywhere you want. This software allows you to play, pause, and even to resume the process of conversion.

3. Mac speech Scribe: For Mac/i-Phone

You can correct your text by checking the misspelt words by using this software. It can convert the audio and video files by using the option of Auto-correct. All you have to do is to click on the transcribe button, and the process will begin.

One of the most appealing benefits of using this software is that it can convert audio into six different speeches. It is easily compatible with I-phone, mac, and many otter accessories.

4. Dragon: High Accuracy

If you are looking for some automatic transcribing software, it will be the best option for you. It is mainly available for those individuals who usually work on spreadsheets and documents. You can also use it to send emails and many official notices.

It provides high accuracy in transcribing. Customization of words is also available while using it. You can insert many graphics and can even create many shortcut commands. One of the most appealing features of it is that it supports the portable voice recorder. Thus you can convert any recording into text.

5. Express Scribe: Free Download Transcribing Software for Mac Users

If you are a Mac user and are searching to convert audio or video files into context, it will be the best choice for you. You can control the audio playback. It is possible by using the foot pedal option on the keyboard.

Many other options present in it are making it perfect for Mac users. Some of these features include multi-channel control, speed playback, and management of video files. It will make sure to provide you with quality content.

6. Seventh String: For Musicians

If you are a musician and wondering about the best websites to convert your voice into words, it is the best platform. There are many foot pedal features available at this website which can add more smoothness to your context. There is also an option by which you can slow down the voice, thus recognize the words more easily.

7. Otter

This website enables most users to search via voice conversations. Moreover, there is also an option by which you can convert your voice into texts; it can also save recordings and meetings into words on the go. You can also capture many conversations by using it.

8. I-Say

Positive transcription services are tough to found. It is quite fortunate to have this platform with you. It is one of the most significant websites which can convert your voice into texts within a few minutes. You can also use a keyboard to type the text by hearing your voice at the same time.

9. TranscribeM

If you are searching for adding a human touch to the transcribed voice, then it is the best platform for you. It provides you with a great combination of voice recognition. Thus you can use covert the sound automatically by using it.

10. Trint: Automatic Transcription Software

People who are eager to use AI technology, this website will provide them with the best services. You can transcribe, search and also share the recorded media by this website. Thus there is nothing to worry about the correctness of the text.

Everything about Transcription Software

Transcription software is generally available for converting human speech into written text. It is due to the ability to recognize natural address and artificial intelligence. Presently, many tools are available to speed the process of transcription for converting speech into text. Many human professionals have a great experience listening to the audio carefully and then converting it into text. There are also many services which are benefiting the users by providing AI technology.

Perks of using transcription software

The technology in the whole world is serving to provide the best alternatives for human tasks. In many sectors, there is an emergence of the use of such software that converts audio into text.  The employees are trying to use this software as much as possible, as they are sluggish to take notes.

Free transcription software is readily available everywhere, and they are cost-friendly too. You can use this software in many fields, including journalism, academics, and much more. Some best transcribing software also provides the benefit of converting an informal conversation into text. It is usually possible by using simple tools. There is a wide range of options in transcribing software. You can choose your type.

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What are the tips for converting video into text fast?

There are many tips which you can use to complete the process in a short time. Some of these tips are as below.

  • Use of a good quality computer.
  • High typing skills.
  • Use a foot pedal to enhance the speed.
  • Use of editors for increasing the quality of sound.
  • Use a high-quality headset.

What is the need for transcribing speech into text?

In many sectors, professionals don’t have enough time to take notes. For this reason, they are using transcribing software to convert the speech into written form.


Now taking notes of everything has become quite easy. The above article contains some best transcribing software you can use to bring more traffic to your content. Must give a try to any one of the software mentioned above.