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How To Beat 2048 Games

Many of the people are finding tips and tricks to beat or win the 2048 games. We know that how you can beat the 2048 game. Follow all article to beat the 2048 game. Read this article till the end. If this article is perfect, then please tell us in the comments section.

History of 2048 Games

2048 game is a single-player sliding block puzzle game launched by Italian Web developer Gabrielle Cirulli. The task of this game is to slide numbered tiles and combine them to create a tile with the number 2048.

This Game originally written in javascript and CSS in a single week and launched on March 9, 2014, 2048 is an open-source and free software subject to the MIT license. Clones wrote in C + + and Vala area available,  Linux terminal version is also available.

This game has been described as very similar to the three apps launched before a month earlier.

Development of 2048 Games

19-year-old Cirulli invented the game in a single weekend it as a test to see if he could program a game from scratch when his game received more than 4 million visitors in less than a week he was shocked at that moment. It was a trick to pass the time then Cerulli said the game is free to play Cirulli having said that he was unwilling to make money from something that he did not invent. After this, he launched a free app version of the game for the iOS, Android in May 2014.

This game became a viral hit. This game has been described by the Wall Street Journal almost like Candy Crush for math geeks and Business Insider is called Threes on steroids.

How you can beat 2048 Games

As far as we are concerned, the cheats of this game are unavailable. So you cannot easily win the game by entering “I am gonna win dude”  or something like that using your keyboard for the website version. If you are a developer, it is true that you can alter the code for your advantage as the 2048 game is a free and open-source game. If you you are new to the 2048 games then read this article further.

How you can beat 2048 Game Fast

Now we will tell you a faster way to solve the 2048 game. Then you must be disappointed because there are no shortcuts at least we know and it takes a large amount of time to beat a puzzle you know. Read the methods given below to fix 2048 games.

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Make each move

You are playing up the puzzle, the game, not other games moreover they do not have a timer that makes your moves at once.

We recommend you have a mental calculation to Prompt how the whole tile will look like after you make a move. We know it is easy as in every other how to beat 2048 articles state.

We hope up you all know this best tip for solving anytime less puzzle game, we end up losing many times it is because of the lack of practice visualizing the ties before the move.

Select or Take a Side

Now select the side stick to it. This is the first step you should perform. You have four directions and arrows to deal with them, you will try all of them thinking it will feel your victory but we do not believe this.

As a person wants to know how to beat 2048 step by step, There will no need to use all directions just use only one direction try to have some 4S and it on your sides.

I hope that all of you played the game at least one time it is impossible to use only one arrow all the time. When you find it hard to use an arrow use another one the point is to secure your sides and moderately higher numbers.

Fill the top Row with Higher Numbers

When you secure your sides. Then tap continuously on the top arrow to easily fill the topmost ROw with the higher numbers. One more important information that you cannot operate with the upside arrow goes on with the left and right it then again use the top arrow 211 number you have already at the position of the tile.

We recommend overlooking the down arrow will create chaos in the middle of something very big image when you spot an 8 in between two (2) 512s.

Make sure that your top is filled with higher numbers.

Stick to a corner

You all heard this tip a million times another tile-based game. What it here means one should always have pivotal numbers (s)at the corner (s), and he keeps the numbers at that particular position at any cost. After this process brings the other numbers towards the conners and it will do the magic.

Build Chains

In last you have to build chains of numbers to beat 2048 game. Chains can easily make the gameplay effortless and you have higher numbers in tiles without any problem or issues.

If you have to 2,2,4,8 and 16 arranged in a regular manner, you can have 32 making a few moves and you feel the player in gaming on finding another 32 right next to it making a sum a whopping 64.

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Meaning OF 2048?

2048 is a popular single-player game designed for web and mobile. This game is a type of slide block puzzle, imagine Threes on which this game is best and also the all timing game kotsoki that plays like Sudoku like a grid.

Highest possible Tile in 2048?

Most instances ended with a score around 390,000 and a 16384 tile, but the best record maintained is 32768 tile and stayed alive long enough to reach a score of 839,732 as far as we know this is the highest score maintained in 2048 without updos.

Why 2048 game is so popular?

Dopamine boost pleasure and perseverance while decreasing stress. winning a bet, succeeding at work and even snorting cocaine can easily send your dopamine level soaring. while that dopamine-driven mixture of pleasure and perseverance is what makes athletes play harder, it is also what pulls drug users into addiction.